3300 Urban in English

Due to rising traffic from international visitors, we've decided to write a little something about us and our blog for our international friends.

We're a team of two Urban Explorers, and we mainly operate in Denmark, though we have visited Sweden and plan to make more trips abroad.

The reason our blog is in Danish is, that people who speaks our language is our main audience. We have no immediate plans to extend the blog to english, so international people have to live with our pictures. Sorry about that, but the effort it takes to run a bilingual blog, is too much for us, as this is only a hobby and since we both work in shifts, we don't have too much time as it is.

If you'd like to drop us a comment, feel free to use the comment system below or write us a line at 3300urban@gmail.com

We sincerely hope you enjoy our blog anyway, and that it's not too hard to navigate.

Regards, 3300 Urban

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